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  1. 1 VapeTool Cap Filter - Large 2" x 22"

    Extraction Glass Tube - Large 2" x 22"

    Regular Price: $144.49

    Special Price $121.23

  2. 2 Twister T4 Trimmer (machine + leaf collector)

    Twister T4 Trimmer (machine + leaf collector)

    $6,900.00 Click for price
  3. 3 Hydrofarm 8" Raptor Reflector

    Hydrofarm 8" Raptor Reflector

    Regular Price: $188.56

    Special Price $158.32

  4. 4 Nanolux 1000W Dimmable Ballast

    Nanolux 1000W Digital Dimmable Ballast - 120/240 Volt

    Regular Price: $249.46

    Special Price $149.87

  5. 5 California Light Works Solar Storm 800W LED [renewed]

    California Light Works Solar Storm 800W LED [renewed]

    Regular Price: $1,799.99

    Special Price $1,197.13

  6. 6 Exhale CO2 Bag

    Exhale CO2 Bag

    Regular Price: $25.62

    Special Price $19.92

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